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4 sections – integrated controls – retractable backrest – trend/reverse trend – bed extension – light – brake alarm

Technical Description

4-section electric bed, 3 of which are articulated and 1 central fixed. Removable lying base made of durable thermoformed ABS complete with incorporated mattress stoppers. Sliding backrest. Headboard and upper frame equipped with 4 slots for the patient riser bar and drip pole. Steel base complete with central castor locking system. Pull-out bed extender and built-in battery backup. Audible warning alarm unblocked bed. Safe height courtesy light under the bed. Set of four independent semi-bars.
Backrest section movement by an electric actuator equipped with a sliding device that allows to extend the central area; adjustable thigh section movement by an electric actuator; leg section movement by a manual positioning rack; height variation, trendelenburg and reverse-trendelenburg movement by two synchronised electric actuators.
The bed is equipped with two controls: a satellite console for patient/operator use and pair of consoles for operator use, built-in externally to the semi-bars.
Satellite control with membrane keyboard on the flexible arm for patient and operator use with the following functions:
– Two keys for backrest adjustment
– Two keys for platform base height
– Two keys for thigh section adjustment
– Two keys for synchronised backrest-thigh adjustment
– An automatic reset button
– Comfort position control (sitting)
-A light switch under the bed
– A reading light button (light behind the control)
Console control system positioned to the outside of the safety side, with IP66 membrane keyboard, used by operators with the following functions:
– Two backrest adjustment keys
– Two thigh section adjustment keys
– Two height adjustment keys
– Two keys for trendelenburg and reverse-trendelenburg adjustment
– A block backrest function control
– A block thigh function control
– A block height function control
– A block trend and reverse-trend function control
– CPR reset control
– Electric emergency-shock control
– Comfort position control (sitting)
– Cardio chair position control
– A light switch under the bed
– Battery level indicator
The bed is equipped with an emergency device for quick lowering of the backrest (CPR) by means of bilateral levers positioned under the backrest section in a position that is easily accessible and recognisable by its red colour coding, complete with lowering cushioning system.
The audible alarm of the unblocked bed is activated when the brakes are disengaged and the plug is still connected to the socket, alerting the operator of the potential danger.
Courtesy light projects a green light beam on the floor when the suitable height for the patient to get in or out is reached, a red light beam indicates the potential danger at different heights.
Rotational foldable semi-lateral side bars (in accordance with UNI EN 60601-2-52) made of one-piece high-density polyethylene, shaped to increase patient containing capacity and complete with a lowering cushioning system.
Epoxy powder coating with antibacterial additive.
Conforms to the technical standard UNI CEI EN 60601-2-52.

Technical data:
Maximum dimensions: 2200 × 980 mm
Platform base dimensions: 1920 × 830 mm
Integrated bed extension: mm 160
Platform base height range: min 37 cm max 82 cm – castors Ø125
Backrest angle: 0°/70°
Thigh section angle: 0°/25°
Leg rest angle: 0°/-15°
Trendelenburg/reverse-trendelenburg angle: +18°/-18°
Safe working load: 250 kg
Protection class: IP66