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Monocoque seat in polypropylene

Technical Description

The Carina Series is a modular beam seating system that meets different waiting area needs.
The version with polypropylene single-seat allows to furnish spaces for a large number of guests.

Art. SU301 – 2-seater bench
Dimensions 115x60x44/83h cm

Art. SU302 – 3-seater bench
Dimensions 170x60x44/83h cm

Art. SU303 – 4-seater bench
Dimensions 225x60x44/83h cm

Art. SU304 – 2-seater bench with table
Dimensions 170x60x44/83h cm

Art. SU305 – 3-seater bench with table
Dimensions 225x60x44/83h cm

Art. SU306 – 4-seater bench with table
Dimensions 280x60x44/83h cm