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Our Mission

MIS MEDICAL looks after its own manufacturing and sales and marketing; since 2009 it has been able, in a very short space time, to offer products that are competitive, high quality and, above all, Made in Italy to the specialist segment of furniture and equipment for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, residential homes and community care centres.

Besides the product, at the core of the business strategy there is a new approach to dealing with the customer. One that is characterised by a dialogue designed to interpret the functional, aesthetic and design needs, and to guarantee the quality of life of the patient within the structures themselves.

This consistent progress made in dealing with customers has resulted in us providing a truly unique offer and is a demonstration of our professionalism, both in terms of technical support and assistance and timely after-sale service.

Design originality, advanced ergonomic solutions, the choice of environmentally friendly materials, outstanding compositional flexibility combined with high standards of quality and functionality are what makes the MIS MEDICAL offer stand out.

Quality has always been much more of cultural choice than a business one. A continuous process of improvement without a solution of continuity, on which the company works non-stop through the constant development of appropriate and effective solutions in the organisation of its business and in the creation of its products distinguished by their extraordinary functionality, ergonomics, durability and compatibility.